Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 1

Well, today is the day!!! I am starting an 8 day challenge with the new Ignite Plan! I have weighed (I am up 3.5 pounds from my lowest low) and measured. I have my food ready to go. I will be trying quinoa for the first time. I will be chronicling my journey here.

Right now, I am a jumble of emotions. I am excited. I have heard great things about this plan. I am apprehensive as I tend to not do as well as others. I am stressing the amount of water (as it is still something I struggle with). Finally, I am dreading the inevitable headache that comes on day 2-totally normal when detoxing from bad carbs.

Alright-it's all out there. LET'S DO THIS!!!


  1. Good luck Therese. Will be watching and waiting to see how you do.


  2. Best of luck, Therese...I am behind you 100%. :)