Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 7 Where I am at...

It is day 7, and I think this picture kind of says it all. This was not the best week to try the new plan. Work has been really busy/stressful. Soccer season is in playoffs. I know-excuses, excuses. Let me be clear though, I am not throwing in the towel on weight loss. I am just not following the plan as it is laid out.

It started yesterday, day 6, a shake day. We had soccer right in the middle of the day. For personal reasons, I did not want to take my shake up to the fields. So, I skipped it (mistake 1). Then, by the time we came home, it was 3:00. Should have been time for a protein snack. DH had a headache and went to lie down, and I was so cold from being outside, that I decided to do the same. Missed the snack, and it was dinner time. I chose to forego the shake and have chicken and spinach for dinner. I was not prepared for the rest of the night.

For those of you who follow me from my previous blogs, you know I have issues with anxiety and depression. I kind of spiraled last night. I was depressed and the thought of doing days 7 and 8 had me in a real funk. DH kind of had me convinced to finish it out, but knowing that AF would soon be starting and that fact would most likely stall any success I had the last couple of days, I felt like I just couldn't do it.

I felt better this morning, and started out right. Then, we had the same issue. Soccer. On day 7, I was supposed to have lean protein and either brown rice, quinoa or steel cut oats. We went to church and the grocery store. There was no time to cook before heading up to soccer. I threw together a salad of lettuce, chicken and some balsamic. It was really all I had time for. My schedule was sabotaging me.

On the positive side, I have continued to make healthy choices, and in the end, I guess that is what matters most. I have decided not to do a shake day tomorrow because, well, I need a break from shakes. Don't get me wrong, I love our company's shakes, I just need to chew...LOL!

So, that's it. It was a real challenge, and I will try again, just not at this point in my cycle. Total loss for the 6 days? 5.1 pounds. I am now at -42 pounds (and counting). Thanks for sticking with me. The support means a lot!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 4

It is day 4! Another shake day, but honestly, I am kind of glad. I think it balances out the amount of food you eat on day 3. I started this post this morning excited for day 4. It has been a bit harder than I anticipated. I am a bit hungry, but drinking my water and making it through.

As of this morning, I was down another .4-this is the first time I have lost on a day 4! I have lost 5 pounds so far. I know I am not supposed to weight, but I am seeing how this plan works.

Thanks for following me this week! :D

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 3!!!

Oh how I love day 3! From here on out it gets easier as I will flip between shake and eating days. I get to try quinoa today-I will let you know how that goes.

As far as progress, I have hit a new low, a new decade!!! I lost another 2.2 pounds for a total of 4.6. This is more than I have lost in ANY 8 day challenge! SO EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 2-Wrap Up

I don't have much to say except I made it through the day. I was OK until this afternoon. I waited too long for my protein snack and got really nauseous. Once I ate, I was better, but then I was grumpy. I had the all too familiar detox headache. I took an extra supplement and eventually felt better.

I also got to do something very exciting tonight! I got to share on the corporate call. I am really honored to have been asked to do this. I love my team and all of their support.

I didn't quite get a gallon of water in (about 16 ounces short), but I came close and that is great progress for me.

I will weigh in the morning-praying to see a new low. I don't know how I will hold off on weighing after that until Day 9.

Sweet dreams, y'all!

Day 2-Midday

Well, we are at the halfway point of my least favorite day. I am doing OK. No major detox symptoms, and about half a gallon of water down. Afternoons are hard for me though. I will pick up the kids soon, which means snack time for them. I would love me some popcorn right now. I will be strong, drink my water and move on.

Day 2!

Good Morning!!! Day 2 is a good place to be. It is a repeat of Day 1, which makes it super easy!!! I am already drinking my water and will have my shake shortly. I am thinking I may add some chai to it. YUM!

Day 2 typically has highs and lows. Some detox symptoms like a headache, but the fact that tomorrow is a different menu is kind of exciting!

I did weigh this morning. I am a scalaholic, but I will try to stay off after tomorrow. I was down 2.4 pounds this morning!!! I am 1 pound away from my lowest low. Hoping to blow past it after today. THAT makes it a great day.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 1 Wrap Up

Days 1 and 2 are the hardest for me. Trying to break habits I have fallen back into as well as detox settling in. The one thing I really like about this new plan is how specific and intentional it is. Don't get me wrong the old one was pretty easy to follow, but it was VERY low carb. This one is a carb cycling plan. So, you aren't giving up carbs, but you are learning to eat healthy carbs. I will be trying quinoa for the first time on Wednesday. Have to admit, that kind of scares me. :D

So, I followed the plan to the letter today. That is a first for me. In the past, I have swapped shakes and snacks. This time, I have had them as the plan calls for them. I got in my gallon of water-YAY ME! Of course, now, I feel like I could float!

All in all I feel OK. I had a chiropractic adjustment, and that has helped. I also took a short nap afterward, as I think I needed it. Soon, I will take my last supplement for the day, with a warm berry hug and off to bed.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store...stay tuned...

Day 1

Well, today is the day!!! I am starting an 8 day challenge with the new Ignite Plan! I have weighed (I am up 3.5 pounds from my lowest low) and measured. I have my food ready to go. I will be trying quinoa for the first time. I will be chronicling my journey here.

Right now, I am a jumble of emotions. I am excited. I have heard great things about this plan. I am apprehensive as I tend to not do as well as others. I am stressing the amount of water (as it is still something I struggle with). Finally, I am dreading the inevitable headache that comes on day 2-totally normal when detoxing from bad carbs.

Alright-it's all out there. LET'S DO THIS!!!