Sunday, July 7, 2013

NSV Sunday

OK-it is Sunday, and on Sundays I am going to take time to focus on the NSV's I discovered during the week. I think this is an important part of this journey as sometimes it can be more telling than the number on the scale.

This week, I noticed:
1. The ability to walk farther than I have before. Tonight, DH and I did 3.5 miles. We also walked a 15.35 minute mile which shaved about 2 minutes off of our time recently!

2. DH has commented on a couple of things. He notices that he can more fully wrap his arms around me (YAY!) and he is noticing definition in my derriere (LOL!). Love that!

3. My clothing is really hanging on me. I suppose that is to be expected-especially when I wear a size 22 and I am really in a 16. I ordered a couple of skirts this week for an upcoming trip to Baltimore for work. Kind of excited to see my co-workers since I have not been in the same room with them since September.

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