Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Plan!

Wow! This has been quite the week. I can hardly believe it is actually July and half the year has gone. Where did it go??? The kids have been home almost a month, and while I am not ready by any means for summer to be over, I always feel like we are in a downward slide after the Fourth.

This month has started with me feeling inspired. My team that I work with in terms of the supplements I take is absolutely amazing! In the final hours of June, we really encouraged each other to finish strong both personally and professionally. It left me feeling absolutely loved, encouraged and, again, inspired!

So, Monday started a new month. Last week, I joined in a group on an 8 day challenge. I lost 3-4 pounds which was awesome! We finished on Thursday, and rolled into a very busy weekend. I made healthy choices all around, but as can happen when I am in a position to have to eat out or attend something where I can't choose the food, I took in too much sodium and did not drink enough water. Result? I was up those 3-4 pounds. Monday I was discouraged but determined. I followed plan and drank a ton of water (not my strong suit!), and was down 2 of those pounds today. I kind of expect the rest to be gone tomorrow. It is the natural ups and downs of weight loss, and I need to expect that.

So, the plan? I feel like I have been winging it for a while. I follow plan because I know it works, but I also get very confused sometimes as to choices. I also feel like I need to put more energy into the business side of the supplements. I know they work, and I totally believe in them and that is why I share them, but to date, I have been reticent to make a plan. My mentor has encouraged me to make a plan as has my accountability group.

I spent some time on Monday etching out my plan. Stay tuned...

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  1. I hope your plan goes well Therese. I know that when I write a plan for anything I am much more successful at attaining my goal.