Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tomorrow is day 8

So, tomorrow is the last day of my second 8 day challenge. I don't know that I lost more weight than the first time I did it, and that is ok. This is about the journey, not a sprint.

I am looking forward to being done just in terms that I can focus on the day to day. I am a bit trepidatious about the weekend as weekends are harder, but I will get though it. I am going to dinner with some of my closest friends on Friday night. Mexican-always a tough one for me. I will be ok. This is about being with friends. Such a necessary part of the journey.

Saturday, we are going to a water park for the day. So much fun! Looking forward to time with friends, and DH and the kids. Food will be an issue, but again, I will make the best choices I can!

Thanks to those of you who followed me here. This is a new format for me. I am looking forward to writing more about my thoughts and feelings as I go on. They health and nutrition thing still feels new.  I am learning so much, and things I never knew before. What I am learning most though, is appreciating every single day for what it is. A gift.

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