Friday, June 21, 2013

Highs and Lows

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I was supposed to be on vacation with DH last week, and instead I was home for the first week of summer with sick kids. Whomever said you can't get stomach flu in the summer was seriously mistaken! We are all better now, and focusing on getting into a routine for summer. 

The past couple of weeks have been hard! I think you can relate when I say when it comes to weight loss, we all are looking for a quick fix. I am constantly reminding myself that I didn't put the weight on in a day, and it certainly won't come off that way either. I fell into a habit for a few weeks of trying to copy what some of my weight loss buddies were doing because they were so successful. Some low carb, some high can be confusing to know what is right. You know what I have discovered? I need to do what is right for me.

So, what is right for me? Well, I have my vitamin supplements for one. They make such a difference in my mood and are truly helping. As I have said before, they are not a magic pill. I still work hard to make healthful choices and exercise. The supplements seem to fill in my gaps. 

For another, I am a part of a great community! We support each other in the best possible way. I was never one to share when I was trying to lose weight. It was too personal, and what I had become was too embarrassing.  Now, I am not afraid to share. I am more than a number. I am learning so much about food and nutrition, and how to best fuel my body, and I have many friends I can thank for that. Some in real life, and some that I have never met but none-the-less am thankful for and pray for daily. 

One of my friends, L, who is a great source of knowledge in nutrition recommended a couple of books to help me on this path. One of them arrives today, and I will be sure to share once I start it. I feel really bad, as L has been a life-long friend since high school, and when she started her path back to school in dietetics, I kind of dropped off the planet. I saw what she was learning, and it was too painful. I feel horrible about all of it. I wasn't there for some things going on when she needed me, and for that I am sooo sorry. Here she is, though, helping me and encouraging me. So like her. 

So, today is a great day. The supplements I take have a system called the 8 day challenge. It is a cleanse, but whenever I do this, I am never hungry! No deprivation here! My biggest struggle is getting in my water. I am a work in progress though, and I am working on it. 

As of this morning, I am at a new low!!! I have lost 32 pounds so far, and I feel fabulous! I am now wearing Misses' sizes again-no more plus size for me!!! For the first time in about 15 years, I know I have got this!

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