Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 6

My name is Therese, and I am a scale-a-holic.

Seriously, though, why are we so drawn to these numbers? The reality is that weight, by definition, is the pull of gravity on an object. I know, the bigger the object, the bigger the pull. I am on day 6 of my current 8 day challenge. In the past, I have done this plan or a mini reset (like a 4 day challenge) as a plateau buster. This one I did because I felt it was time to kick things into gear again.

As I said yesterday, I have a great support system this time around. That being said, by day 6, I am ready to be done. Hanging with this until the 8th day, but seriously, so ready to move onto what is next in my journey. So, what will day 9 bring? I am not sure. I have been playing with low carb for a while. Y'all, there are so many thoughts on the right way to lose weight! I need to figure out what is right for me because when I get to goal, I want to stay there. I want to maintain. I know that is a long way off, but I think it is important to explore along the journey.

In that vein, I am doing some great reading right now. I had vowed that this was the summer I got my family off of processed carbs and into more fruits and veggies. So far, we haven't done great, but it is really hard to do a 180 when you have a teen and an almost 10 year old who are not too excited about it. I am doing great personally without bread. A lot of the reading I have done is pointing to the fact that wheat is so highly refined and modified that it really isn't good for anyone. My two younger kids are much more receptive to the change. A, my daughter, is a fruit and veggies girl. She will pick up a piece of broccoli over a french fry any day. And M, my almost 8 year old son, loves fruit, and quite often will question if something is healthy or not.

Again, though, my older two are the tougher ones. I blame myself for a lot of the choices we made early on. P, the teen, had huge aversions to meat as a tot. He also had this huge gag reflex. Couple that with the fact that he was at my folks for dinner 3-4 nights a week because of our overlapping work schedules, and my mom tended more towards convenience foods, he became a big carb boy!

D, the almost 10 year old, is my carnivore. Not a huge deal, except that he is the one of my 4 who has genes like me. He struggles with his weight. As someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, and ended up with an eating disorder, I know how delicate a situation this is. I remember how bad it felt to be teased, how bad it felt for the doctor to comment that I weighed too much, how absolutely awful it felt for one of my family members to say something about my weight. DH and I have been, instead, working with him via portion control, ie, everyone gets one serving, etc. He has also chosen to come walking with us quite a bit lately. All that being said, I am really dreading his physical next week. Our pediatrician isn't always the best about it.

So where does all of this lead to? To be honest, I am not sure. What started as a post about how I weigh every day, and that is too much during an 8 day challenge because of the fluctuation, turned into thoughts of my family. More to come on all of this. For now, I am going to sit with these thoughts...as they are many...

Oh yeah...and go drink my water...sigh.


  1. Wow, I'm really impressed with your honesty and commitment. It is not easy, I know! I'm still trying to find what works for me given my very hectic travel schedule, no normal workout routine, and time-zone dependent eating habits. Please know that you have my prayers and support! -Deacon Harold

  2. Hi Theresa! Thanks for letting me know you are over here. You've lost so much weight so far...wow! I'm really into reading diet and exercise books/articles/blogs, and I'll tell you three books that had an approach that I liked when it comes to dieting.

    1) The ABS Diet
    2) The Perfect Health Diet
    3) The 17 Day Diet

    All focus on less carbs but include fruit and are motivating enough to try. Good luck!