Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Turkey Trot to Take It Off!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!! Rewind on the 8 day challenge! I am ready! I feel strong!!! And most of all, I feel prepared!!!

I love doing this in groups. Last year, the Turkey Trot had 78 people and they lost 541 pounds. That is 7 pounds a person! In 8 days!

I am very excited. We have over 1200 people who have signed up. I just think about all of the lives changed. All of the people who are facing the holidays for the first time with the tools to not gain weight through the holidays...including myself. I am hoping to get closer to Onderland. I love that Thanksgiving Day will be a "cheat day", and I love that I have the tools to move on afterward.

I am not worried about the frustration I felt in the last 8 day challenge when I threw in the towel. I have accountability. I also had the opportunity to talk to our product developer about some tweaking I can do to help me make it through. So, here we go! I hope you will check back, and I hope you will leave a comment of encouragement. Thank you for following this journey with me.

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